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Vinyl silk paint

Both glossy and semi-glossy types are used in hospitals, kitchens; both cement and plaster surfaces and for interiors and exteriors

Emulsion Paint

Used for both interiors and exteriors on plaster and cement surfaces.

Hammer finish paint

Quick drying paint with hammer effects, used to paint metals

Grey metal primer paint

Used to paint metals to resist weather conditions and rust. It is highly adhesive to metals.

Water-proof paint (roof coat)

An acrylic compound that creates a watertight flexible layer. resistant to harsh weather conditions in winter and reflective sunlight in summer

Enamel paint

Both glossy and matt types are used to paint metals, plaster, wood and cement


An acrylic emulsion for interior, exterior surfaces and decorations with high coverage. A smooth washable finish and resistant to harsh weather conditions

Water-based (Top Coat)

The water varnish is made from the finest acrylic resins, and gives high resistance to weather conditions, water and alkalis and it is used on gypsum coated surfaces, in patterns, internal and external cement surfaces

Red iron oxide paint

Used to protect metal from rust

Road marking paint

Used to paint asphalt and cement surfaces

Velvet paste

A water-based acrylic compound, highly adhesive, that gives a velvet finish for interiors

Tex paste rough and fine

An acrylic rough and fine paint for interior and exterior uses that gives high quality architectural finishes. Used to paint cement, plaster boards and wood by rolls

Stucco paste

A water-based acrylic compound, highly adhesive, that gives a beautiful marble-like finish for interiors

Pearl paste Creatore

A high quality pearl product which is available in many bright colours for luxurious buildings. Used to add a decorative touch using different pearelecent shapes

Spray paint

A quick-dry oil based paint which can be sprayed on different surfaces.

Universal colorant

Used with water and oil based paints and architectural finishes

Marco Polo paint sand

A decorative water based paint with bright pearl colours, for interiors and exteriors, semi-coarse, washable and weather resistant

Galaxy paste

A decorative aqueous paint made of multicolored pearly granules, providing a luxurious decorative layer for interior and exterior surfaces. Washable and weather endure

Fabiano paste

A decorative water based paint with grains to give a decorative effect for interior and exterior surfaces which are washable and weather resistant


For general uses and to dilute oil-based paints, as it is highly dissolvable in paints, improve the smoothness, glossiness and decreases the drying time.

Cement powder paint

Aqueous cement powder used for coating exterior and interior concrete surfaces, resistant to extreme weather conditions

Ready wall putty

Used to treat cracks in plaster


Clear varnish

Used to paint woods and metals


Al-marjan primer

Al-Marjan Acrylic Primer



Water paint, made of the finest polymers, gives high adhesion strength and high coverage for all walls, easy to clean. Mold, friction & washing resistant

Quick drying clear varnish

Quick-drying transparent paint made from the finest types of industrial resins, which gives high adhesion strength to metal, wood and plastic surfaces

Quick-drying acrylic paint (glossy)

A quick drying glossy oil paint made from the finest acrylic resins, it is characterized by high resistance to weather conditions and has high adhesion to metals

Tile coat paste

Used for decorating plaster and cement surfaces by spraying

Aureum paste

A water-based acrylic compound, highly adhesive that gives Aureum finish for interiors

Carburetor Cleaner Spray

Carburetor Cleaner Spray


A transparent compound made from the finest resins which gives great filling for wood pores and has high adhesion to all types of wood